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"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

          Once you’ve found a good tutor, the best way to utilize your time

(remember that you are paying them hourly), is to prepare a set of questions

ahead of time.  It’s not very good to just show up and say, “Here’s the chapter

we are working on.  I’m lost.”  Tutors are not usually experienced teachers so

they can’t just pop out a lecture on something.  Most tutors do better with

specific questions.


          Also be sure that your tutor isn’t just doing a bunch of problems for you. 

Watching a tutor do problems isn’t going to help you much.  The best thing is

to have your tutor do one problem and explain the concept and/or process… 

Then you try to do a similar problem on your own.  Just have them give you a

hint if you get stuck, but not too soon!  A tutor isn’t doing you any favors by

just doing a problem for you when you ask.  You already know that the tutor

can do the problems.  The goal is for YOU to be able to do the problems!


Get in the proper frame of mind!


          This class is your job!  How much effort are you putting into it?  Do you

always clock in late?  Do you sleep in and ditch?  Are you getting your work

done on time?  Are you putting forth your very best effort?


          If this class was really your job, would you get fired or would you get a

nice raise and a promotion?

Whatever you do in life,
do your very best
and you’ll never regret it.


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