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"Great people create great acts of kindness."
-- Cervantes

          Even hiring a tutor usually won’t make up for missing a class.  The tutor

won’t know what kinds of problems are your teacher’s favorites and the tutor

won’t stress things that will be on the test.  There’s really just no substitute for

seeing and hearing those lectures live.


          If you do miss a class, always call a classmate (before your return to

class) to find out what you missed!


          Yeah, nobody wants your germs if you are really sick, so there may be a

time or two that you’ll have to be absent.


          During the first few days of class, look around for a couple of other

students who look responsible and exchange phone numbers and/or email

addresses.  When you are absent, call to find out what you missed.  Ask if

your teacher announced an exam or gave an assignment.  See if you can get a

copy of the class notes too.


          Also, be sure to return the favor and help out a classmate who may call

you for the information!  BUT, don’t feel the need to enable chronically absent

flakes.  Don’t worry about them.  They’ll get to see the lecture… next semester

when they retake the class!

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