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"The real secret of success is enthusiasm."
-- Walter Chrysler

          Since textbooks are usually really heavy, ask your teacher if you are

going to need it during the lectures.      If it’s required, then always have it with

you – even if it causes scoliosis.


If your teacher is doing some sort of computation, try to work along.


          Working through problems with your teacher during a lecture has

several benefits:  it makes you feel involved with the course, it’s great

practice, you get to see if you really do know how to use your calculator and it

keeps you awake!  Zzzzzzzz…


Take very neat class notes!


          During class, write down everything the teacher writes down and do

 your best to write down most of what your teachers says. 


          Always pay attention to what your teacher emphasizes.  Most math

teachers would make terrible baseball pitchers because they usually

telegraph what kind of things they are going to throw at you on tests. 

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