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"Work like you don't need money, love like you've never been hurt,
and dance like no one's watching."
-- U2

          First, you don’t want any slackers in the group.  You were not put on this

planet to do someone else’s work for them.  If someone consistently shows

up for the study group unprepared, ask the person to leave the group.       If

someone shows up and just wants to have fun instead of work, dump the



          Next, you don’t want any moaners or complainers.  You are there to

study, make the best of things and be successful.  You don’t need someone

around who just wants to gripe about the teacher or the class or their life.  If

you get stuck with one of these, stop inviting the whiner.  If you get asked

why, be kind but honest with your reasons and maybe the person will learn a

good life’s lesson.  People like this will always succeed in just one thing:

pulling you down.  Bad attitudes are infectious.  Misery does love company

and losers rub off!  Always surround yourself with students (and friends) who

have their sights set on success!


          Now, to form a well-balanced study group, you’ll want to have a set of

students with a range of skill levels.  If you stink at math, it’s not a good idea to

find a study buddy by saying, “Hey, you stink at math too?  Oh good.  Let’s

study together!”  This is extremely common and usually a complete disaster.

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