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"Most of us have lives too small for our spirits."
-- Studs Terkel

Now, you’re stuck in traffic and the time before your test is fading fast…  You

get yourself into more of a frenzy by yelling at all the other cars on the road

who are impeding your progress…  The nerve of them being on the road and

in your way!   Finally, you get to school and it’s 8:57!!  @#*&% AGAIN! 

NO PARKING!!  In a panic, you drive around and drive around…  Finally, a

parking spot!  You do one of those run-walk things across campus and get to

your class LATE.  The room is quiet and everyone is already working on their

tests.  The teacher is clearly annoyed.  Your eyes quickly dart around the

room to find an empty seat.  Of course, you’ve forgotten your calculator and a

pencil.  Your heart is pounding, the adrenaline is pumping and now you

expect to be able to think about math?


Wouldn’t this be a more pleasant way to start the day?


          You’ve got a math test at 9am…  You wake up at 7:15 and take 15

minutes to stretch and get semi-alert… Get out of bed at 7:30…  Hop in the

shower…  Dry off… Get your nice, clean clothes out of drawers and the closet

like an organized person and get dressed…  Hit the kitchen for some good

fuel to start your day… 

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