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"Don't worry about moving slowly, worry about standing still."
-- Chinese proverb

During class, always have your calculator on your desk and your textbook handy!


          Most desks are too small to have your textbook out while you are taking

notes, but calculators are small, so always have yours out.  And, speaking of

calculators, do get a nice one for the class and learn how to use it!


          Don’t expect to be able to use your cell phone for a calculator during a

test because those critters can be easily used for cheating.  Don’t expect to be

able to use a graphing calculator during a test unless your teacher has

specifically said that you are in a “graphing calculator” course.  Graphing

calculators are great…  when they are part of the course.  But, if they aren’t,

they are another great way to cheat during a test.  So, always ask what kind of

calculators are allowed.


          Don’t buy a new calculator on the way to your first exam…  Because, I

can almost guarantee that you won’t be able to figure out how to use it right

away!  And that’s IF you can get the freakin’ package open.  Most calculators

come in those extra thick, hermetically sealed plastic packages that require

freshly sharpened gardening sheers to get opened.  So, plan ahead!

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