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"When you are doing what you love to do, no one has to motivate you."
-- Rick Warren

So, where do you go for help when you need it?


          The first and easiest thing to do is to just pick up the phone and call a

study buddy.  If he/she doesn’t know it either, you may be able to figure it out



          You can also go to your teacher’s office.  Most teachers are very helpful

and happy to see you come in for help.  It’s free and they are experts, so make

the most of it!


          Another great free resource is a Math Center (if your school has one). 

Most schools have a special room where you can get extra help with free math

tutors on duty.  The tutors are great for a question or hint here and there, but

they aren’t there for lengthy tutoring.  Be careful not to get too dependent on

them and don’t get too used to being able to get help the second you start to

struggle with a problem.  If you get help too soon, then you won’t build your

own thinking skills.  You are smarter than you probably realize, so give

yourself a chance!  Give a problem a little time and see if you can figure it out

first.  You’ll learn more and have a real feeling of satisfaction if you can do it


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