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"No one can make you feel inferior about yourself without your consent."
-- Eleanor Roosevelt

          So, get into a good study group and do your best to always show up for

sessions on time and well prepared.  Don’t socialize.  Get right down to

business!  Everyone will win.


As soon as you start to feel lost , get help!


When do you need to get additional help to survive?


          The first time you leave a class saying, “Huh?” or “What the heck was

that?”…  Get help!


          The first time you try to do your homework and can’t do a significant

portion of the problems…  Get help!


          I remember the last time I really felt lost in a class.  (Well, not including the

majority of my graduate math courses – haha.)  It was physics.  Apparently, I

was supposed to have taken a year of high school physics before taking this

college level physics course…  But, I hadn’t and didn’t know that I needed it

as a prerequisite. 

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