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"A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm."
-- Charles M. Schwab

          The lesson I learned is that students who cannot manage to get

themselves to class on the first day of school have issues… irresponsible,

flaky and completely lacking in discipline.


         You do NOT want to be one of these students!


          Of course, this does not apply to someone who has a very legitimate

reason to miss (fever of 104 degrees comes to mind here) and calls the

teacher before the first class to keep the spot reserved.


          The first class meeting is when your teacher sets the tone for the course

and lets you know what is expected.   If you miss this, you’ll feel out of step all



Read the course syllabus!  


          Every teacher I’ve met – and I’ve met a LOT – has a different set of rules

for how they deal with absences, grading, homework, missed tests, etc.  The

course syllabus (or whatever the teacher hands out the first week) usually

gives you all these rules.

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