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"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort."
-- Franklin D. Roosevelt

Relax for a bit, checking your email or reading the newspaper while you eat…

Grab your backpack (which you packed up the night before, making sure to

have your calculator, a pencil and any other supplies needed for your test)…

Leave for school at 8:15 which gives you some buffer time for possible traffic

and finding a parking space…  Sing along to your favorite CD during the

drive…  Get to class at 8:50 so you have 10 minutes to get your stuff out and

settle down for the test, nice and relaxed.


Ah… much better!


          Test day or not, you will do much better in your classes if you arrive a

little early.  This gives you a few minutes to relax, organize your stuff and get



          I’ve done the tardy thing…  The first time you are late, it’s really not that

big of a deal.  The second time you are late, the teacher shoots you one of

those looks.  The third time you are late, you are dreading going to class

because you don’t want to get “the look” again…  Hmm…  Maybe it would just

be best to skip class, so you decide not to go.  The next class comes…  Uh-

oh…  Late again.  You’ll be late right after an absence.  The teacher’s NOT

going to like that…  So, you ditch again. 

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