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"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals."
-- Sydney Smith

Put stars by problems or things that your teacher stresses or gets excited

about…  Teachers often say geeky things like, “I really like this problem.” 

Translation:  This is a good test question!


          If you can’t get all the notes down during class, ask your teacher if you

can tape the lectures.  Most teachers don’t mind, but definitely ask first

because they DO have the right to say, “No” if they are uncomfortable with

being taped.


Participate in class and ask questions!


          If you are confused by something, chances are good that others in the

class are too.  So, don’t be shy and don’t think you are going to look stupid by

asking questions.  Ask away!


          Hey, teachers get really bored with their own classes if you don’t liven

things up and participate.  Believe me, there are few things worse than getting

stuck with a painfully quiet class that won’t say anything. 

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