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Cartesian  coordinates Cartesian plane central angle
centroid of a triangle chord circle
circumference circumscribed clockwise
coefficient column combinations
combinatorics commutative  property
of addition
commutative property
of multiplication
complementary angles complement of an angle complex numbers
composite concave polygon cone
congruent conjugate consecutive
convex polygon coordinate coplanar
corresponding sides
and angles
counter-clockwise Cramer's Rule
cube cubic equation cubic polynomial
cuboctahedron cylinder  


Cartesian Coordinates
(Read the definition below of Cartesian plane first)
Coordinates on the Cartesian plane are a set of numbers officially called "an ordered pair" that are in the form x , y ) ...  The x guy is how far to the right or left you've counted over... and the y guy is how far up or down you've counted.

For more info on graphing with Cartesian coordinates, check out my Plotting Points lesson.