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Oblique Angle
An oblique angle is an angle that is not aright angle.  (An oblique angle is an angle whose measure is not 90 degrees.)

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Oblique Prism
An oblique prism is a prism that is tilted or slanted a bit.  Technically, an oblique prism is one whosesides do not form 90 degree angles with the bases.

oblique prism

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Oblique Triangles
An oblique triangle is a triangle that is not a right triangle.  (An oblique triangle does not have a 90 degree angle.)

oblique triangles

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Obtuse Angle
An obtuse angle is an angle whose measure isgreater than 90 degrees.

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Obtuse Triangle
Obtuse triangles aren't very smart.  (Look up "obtuse" in the dictionary!)

Obtuse triangles have one angle that is greater than 90 degrees.  (Obtuse triangles have one obtuse angle.)

obtuse triangle