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decagon decameter deceleration
decimal degree of an angle degree of  a  polynomial
denominator diameter difference
digit dihedral  angle distributive property
dividend divisor dodecagon


A decagon is a ten sided polygon.  The picture on the right is a regular decagon since all the sides and angles are the same (congruent.)  
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A decameter is 10 meters (in the metric system).   The prefix "deca" mean "ten of."  In U.S. measurement, a decameter is about 32.808 feet.
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Deceleration is a slowing down of your speed (velocity).  In physics, you just say "acceleration" whether you are speeding up or slowing down...  It just means that the speed is changing.  Decelerating is slowing down.

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Decimal numbers are like fractions because they count PART of something. Whole numbers (0, 1, 2, 3, ...) count whole things  -- like a whole pizza.  You can use a decimal number to count part of the pizza.  Half of a pizza would be 0.5 of a pizza.  One-fourth of a pizza would be 0.25 of a pizza.
Examples:   2.34      45.009       0.3737373
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