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Least Common Multiple (LCM)
The least common multiple is the smallest number that two (or more) given numbers both divide into.
Examples:  The LCM of 6 and 9 is 18.   The LCM of 4 and5 is 20.   The LCM of 2 and 10 is 10.
A common way to write it is LCM ( 69 ) = 18.
When used during fraction problems, another name for the least common multiple is the "least common denominator" (LCD).

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Legs of a right triangle
The legs of a right triangle are the two sides that are not the hypotenuse.   The legs are the two sides that are on either side of the right (90 degree) angle.
legs of a right triangle
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Less Than
One number is less than another number when that number's value is smaller.
Example:   6 is less than 10.  In math, we write this as   6 < 10.

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line is officially defined by the two points that it passes through.


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