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greater than greatest common divisor  


A measure of volume (liquid) that is equal to 4 quarts or 231 cubic inches or 3.7853 liters.

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Geodesic Dome
A geodesic dome is a spherical structure made up of triangles.  As you can see in the picture on the right, some triangle groupings form pentagons and some form hexagons.   If they all formed pentagons, then it would make anicosahedron which wouldn't be wide enough.  Some geodesic domes are huge.  A great example is the Montreal Biosphere.

geodesic dome

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Geometry is the science that studies the size and shape of things.

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Golden Ratio
Discovered by the "ancient Greeks", probably Pythagoras or his club, The Pythagoreans, the golden ratio is a special number, 
                         the golden ratio:  (1+sqrt(5))/2  = 1.618 (approximately)
that is one of the solutions to the equation
It's also called the golden mean, the golden section and the golden number.  See the next definition of golden rectangle for more info.