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"In the long run, we only hit what we aim at."
-- Henry David Thoreau

Work through old tests


          You need to have a place to start and figure out what you know and what

you don’t know.  Your old tests are the place to find out.  Go through, copy all

the problems and mix them up.  (Don’t look at the answers while you do it!!) 

Just dive in and start taking the tests over again.  You’ve already gotten a bit

of a refresher by looking back over your outlines and flash cards.  You’ll

probably be surprised by how many problems you still know how to do.  You

don’t have to study the ones you already remember how to do!  Put a star by

any problems you didn’t remember and go through your standard study

process with those.  Try to work through a chapter a day.


          Once you’ve got this set-up accomplished, use the study steps that you

used for the regular tests.


          Even though it seems like a royal pain, having to take a final exam in a

math class is a really good thing because it gives you the refresher that you’ll

need before the next math course in the sequence. 


          If you don’t have to take another math class, then, OK, having to take the

final exam IS a royal pain.  But, just think of it as a good brain exercise for



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