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"Happiness depends on ourselves."
-- Aristotle

Study Endurance

          Just like running, swimming and being able to eat 53 hot dogs in 12

minutes, studying math takes practice and endurance!  You can’t just start

studying math for 3 hours a day.  Your head will explode!  I’ve seen it

happen…    It’s gruesome.


          When I first started studying math (this includes just doing homework),

I could work well for about an hour.  Then, I’d start making those stupid little

mistakes like 2x3=5 and dropping negative signs.  If you make a couple of

these brainless boo-boo’s in the span of a few minutes, you’ve hit the wall, my

friend, and it’s time to take a break. 


          Doing math when you’re a brain dead lump is useless and

unproductive.  Take a break!  Get a snack.  Go for a walk.  Grab your digital

camera and go in your backyard and take pictures of leaves.  Get away from

your work space!  Do not just shift over to the computer to cruise online

videos.  That won’t work.  You have to get up and move around to clear your


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