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"The achievement of one goal should be the starting point of another."
-- Alexander Graham Bell

Studying for the final

           Studying for the final exam is a lot like studying for a regular test…  There just seems to be SO MUCH MORE MATERIAL!  It can feel very overwhelming, especially when you have papers due in other classes and other finals to worry about.  You just need to get organized and have a good place to start.  It’s best to get going on this a couple of weeks before the final.


Gather up the following:


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Study outlines

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Flash cards

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Old tests

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Class notes

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Text book


Read through your study outlines


          This is your very first step of reviewing.  Boy, you are really going to

appreciate having your outlines now, more than ever!  They will give you a

great overview to what you’ve learned over the semester.


Read through your flash cards


          Which formulas and definitions do you still easily remember?  Put the

cards you really know aside and keep working through the others.

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