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"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage."
-- Anaïs Nin

Instead, I told the students that  I would teach them how to make their own

outlines…  and I did.  Grades were even better!  Why were the grades better? 

Because the students learned about the math WHILE they were making the

outlines.  Cool deal!


          The best way for me to teach you how to outline is by example…  Let’s

do fractions!  Uh-oh, did I just scare you with that word?  Yes, in math,

“fraction” IS the “F” word!  (When I want to make my house really scary for

Halloween, I just put a bunch of fraction tests along the walk up to my front

door.)  Actually, I hope that you did get a little scared by the “F” word, because

I want you to see how much better you’ll feel after you see my outline.


Working from a typical fractions chapter, here’s my outline:


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