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"If at first you don't succeed, you're like everyone else who went on to greatness."
-- Patrick Combs

          Over time – even by the end of your first semester of studying math like a

good little geek – you’ll find that you can study for longer and longer periods

without getting fried.  By the time I was a senior working on my B.S. (uh, that

stands for “Bachelor of Science”), I could, literally, study for 8 hours straight

and not get tired.  Good thing too, because I was taking three math classes at

a time.


Study to Really Know it


When studying for a math test, you have two main goals:


1)  You need to learn the material so you can do well on the test.  (Hello,

“Captain Obvious!”)


2)  You need to learn the material well enough so you will still know it at the

end of the semester for the final exam AND so you will still know it next

semester!!! Most of you will be taking more than one math class and most of

these classes are in sequence like Beginning Algebra, Intermediate Algebra

and College Algebra.  So, not only are you expected to remember all the math

you learned in the 4th and 5th grades (brutal)…  You have to remember all the

stuff you’re learning now!  It hardly seems far, does it?  Well, these classes

ALWAYS depend on the material you learned the previous semester. If you

don't really learn it… and I mean REALLY learn it – not just cramming it into

your head for the test – you’ll crash and burn the next course!

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