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"Never let your fears become the boundaries of your dreams."
-- Unknown

4)  A thirst for knowledge

          You may already have a healthy thirst for knowledge – just not math

knowledge!  (haha)  If you don’t think you do, you may have it and you just

don’t know it yet.  Have you ever wanted to find out more about sports teams?

Or your favorite band?  Or that cute guy (girl) in one of your classes, so you

follow him (her) home after school and wait outside his (her) house?  Oh, wait. 

That’s stalking, not learning!  That’s not good.  Never mind. 


          Wanting to learn more about anything that interests you is a thirst for

knowledge!  There are lots of other things I love learning about that aren’t

math related: photography, the stock market, gardening, environmental

issues and boogieboarding, to name a few.


          The best thing of all is when you have a real passion for learning about

what you want to do for a career.  That’s the best!  When you love what you

do, it doesn’t even feel like work.  Heck, I would work on Coolmath for free… 

In fact, I did exactly that for eight long years!



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