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:: Do You Want to be Successful?
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"Throw your heart over the fence and the rest will follow."
-- Norman Vincent Peale

          Just look at the screen play for “The Sixth Sense.”  Man, I never saw that

ending coming at all!  And I’m usually pretty good at figuring those things out. 

I left the theater that day in complete awe.  A massive amount of thinking and

planning went into that movie. 


          In fact, just about everything that you would consider an “art” takes

thinking and planning.


          Whatever profession you choose, having creativity AND the ability to

think and figure things out makes a powerful combination.  But, this isn’t all

that’s needed to be successful…  You still need more!


3)  The ability to self-teach

          It will be very important, no matter what your first “real” job ends up

being, that you are able to learn things quickly and, yes, even on your own.


          Let’s suppose two people are hired at the same time for the same

position.  Both new employees are supplied with a manual of introductory

information to perform their jobs... 

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