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:: Do You Want to be Successful?
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"To move the world, we must first move ourselves."
-- Socrates

          Employee #1 takes the lazy and/or complete lack of confidence

approach – doesn’t even look at the material… or just glances through it… 

or reads through it without thinking about what he/she is reading!  (Have you

ever done this with a textbook?)  This approach leads to the employee

repeatedly asking the boss question after question… with some being the

ever dreaded “stupid” question.  Yes, I hate to tell you this, but there IS such a

thing as a stupid question and it’s best to not ask one at a new job!


          Employee #2 takes the time to carefully read the materials provided,

studying the details while thinking about the big picture.  He/she is then able

to start working independently, efficiently and confidently… perhaps just

asking a couple of thoughtful and intelligent questions as needed.


          If you were the boss, which new employee would impress you the most?

 Which of these employees would you rather be?





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