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:: Do You Want to be Successful?
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"Genius begins great works; labor alone finishes them."
-- Joseph Joubert

          Do you really want to be successful?  I’m not talking about just being

successful in your math classes.  I’m talking about being successful IN



Do you want to be successful?


          You may think that this is a silly question.  No one daydreams about

being unsuccessful.  Let’s see…  I’m hoping to barely get by, live pay check to

pay check, have a job I don’t like and be, generally, unhappy.  Hey, maybe

I can even be homeless or addicted to something! 


           No way!  No one really thinks that.  No one dreams of mediocrity,

unhappiness or a lack of fulfillment and contentment.  But, it happens to

people anyway…  In fact, it happens all the time…  It’s happened to people

I know.


This may be the most important thing I say in the whole book… 


Having success is a decision
we can make for ourselves.

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