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"Enthusiasm releases the drive to carry you over obstacles and adds significance to all you do."
-- Norman Vincent Peale

          And what does it take to create something new in science?  That’s

right…  Creativity!  Many scientists are the genius inventors of new products,

new medicines and new solutions to seemingly impossible problems.  They

are doing things that have never been done before and  they are making the

paths that others will follow.


          Engineers have to figure out new ways of making buildings taller and

bridges longer.  They are dreaming, imagining and creating new technologies

every day.


          Let’s not forget the computer industry.  Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had a

vision of a new world where everyone had a computer in their own home!  You

may be too young to grasp what a weird concept that really was…  Most

people who heard about it at the time said, “Yeah, right!”  Yet, here I sit, writing

this book on a computer that sits on my lap.  Gates and Jobs created a way to

make it all happen and they changed the world.  They changed YOUR world.




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