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"To move the world, we must first move ourselves."
-- Socrates

2)  The ability to think & figure things out

          Thinking and figuring things out isn’t just for math geeks, science nerds

and business gurus.  These things are for people in the creative arts too! 


          Working out a dance routine requires planning and thinking.  What

moves and steps do you want to include?  In what order should you put

them?  What kinds of transitions will give the best flow?  How will you make it

all work with the music?  If the first run through doesn’t work, how are you

going to fix it?  That’s a lot of planning and problem solving. 


          Writing takes a lot of thinking too, especially, if it’s fiction.  This may

surprise you, but fiction takes more planning than non-fiction.  All the

characters have to be planned out ahead of time.  In screen writing, these

characters are even given elaborate background stories to motivate their

actions and behaviors.  The main story line and flow all have to be planned out

ahead of time.  How will it all fit together?  Does it all make sense?  Will the

reader be able to follow everything?  Did you telegraph the surprise ending

too much?  Will the reader figure it out too soon or see it coming? 


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