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"If you're not lighting any candles, don't complain about being in the dark."
-- Unknown

          Most students get stressed out about school because they feel

completely out of control.  They feel that everyone else is controlling them  –

from the clerks in the administration office to the people in the campus

bookstore to the teachers.  They feel that these people hold all the power.  Do

you feel that “the system” is in control of whether or not you will reach your



          Well, I’m here to tell you that the “system” ISN’T in control of your future,

YOU are!  You made the decision to stay in high school, right?  Lots of people

drop out.  It’s the worst decision anyone can make, but people do it anyway. 

And, once you’re out of high school, you are the one who makes the decision

of whether or not you’ll go to college.  You get to select a major, which means

that you are getting to pick the majority of the courses you’ll be taking.  And,

get this…  YOU are in control of what grades you earn!  That’s right.  YOU get

to pick your grades. 


          Most teachers are really very fair with their grading.  They give you a list

of things to be accomplished in their classes… and you have the power to

decide what you are going to do with that list.  If you decide to put forth “A”

effort, then you will usually be rewarded with a good grade.  OK, it might not

be an “A,” but remember that “B’s” are good grades too!  Never beat yourself

up if that “A” doesn’t come.  Life is too short to worry about a letter.  Keep the

big picture in focus.  Your job is to just do your best and get through!



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