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"The secret of getting ahead is getting started."
-- Mark Twain

          Close your eyes (unless, of course, you are driving or trying to read this)

and picture yourself in a beautiful nature setting like the beach, the mountains

or a meadow full of flowers.  My favorite place is the beach and it’s my book,

so that’s where we’re going! 


          I want you to visualize, smell, hear and feel every part of being at the

beach.  You're sitting on the warm sand with your shoes off...  You can feel the

warm sand between your toes...  You are looking out at the waves as they

break on the shore...  Hear that soft, crashing sound of the surf…  The water is

a light crystal blue and perfectly clear…  Hear the sound of the seagulls...  Feel

the cool breeze hitting your face...  Pick up a handful of warm sand and feel it

slowly sift out between your fingers...  Smell the clean, salty ocean air...  This

is a safe place...  No cares...  No worries...  Just you and the beach... 

Peaceful...  Relaxing...  Feel the stress drain out of you as you soak up the

warmth of the sand and breathe in the cool air...  Just enjoy…  Stay as long as

you’d like…


          Now that you've read it, try it yourself.  Read it back through one more

time...  Then, close your eyes and try it...  Take the time to build what your

perfect beach would look like, smell like and feel like.  (Or your perfect

meadow or your perfect mountain forest.)

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