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"Neither you nor the world knows what you can do until you have tried."
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Visualization for Success


          Now, let’s talk about visualization for success.  This can best be done

during quick study breaks or the night before a test or while you’re driving or

walking to class to take the test.  You can definitely combine it with your

visualization for relaxation exercises – either before or after, whatever is best

for you. 


          Close your eyes…  Picture yourself taking your math test…  You’re

sitting in your seat in the classroom…  You’re very calm and working the

problems without anxiety…  Your mind is clear and working at its best… 

You are remembering everything you’ve studied…    After you’ve completed

the exam, picture a big red “A” and “Great job!” written at the top.


          Now, I’m not going to get all hokey on you and tell you that whatever you

visualize will happen.  I just don’t think that’s how it works.  But, I will tell you

that visualization like this will give you the positive attitude and drive

necessary so you can work toward making your dreams come true! 


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