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"Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dream closer."
-- Marcia Wieder

Here's the order: 


          Your face...  your neck...  your shoulders... your arms...  back to your

shoulders and upper back...  your torso (chest, abs, lower back)... your

caboose...  your legs...   your feet.


          It takes practice to leave a section relaxed after you’ve worked through

it.  As you go through this process, you should feel yourself starting to sink

further and further into your bed or chair.  Once you're all mushy and relaxed,

just be still and enjoy.


Get Heavy

          This is another one that's good when you have twenty minutes or so to

really relax.  Lie down or sit somewhere comfortable (sit up straight).  Again,

make things quiet or put on some mellow instrumental music or nature



          Working from your feet up, you are going to concentrate on making parts

of your body really heavy...  and, when you are focusing on an area, I want you

to imagine all the blood in your body rushing to that area and making it sink.


          First, your legs...  Imagine all the blood in your body rushing to your legs

and feel them get heavier and heavier.  Don't push on them or move them at

all.  You can't move them, they are too heavy!  When you feel the heaviness

and the warmth of the blood rushing through them, move on...  Next, comes

your core (your torso)...  Then, your arms...  When your body is heavy, imagine

your head feeling cool and refreshed.  Imagine a cool breeze blowing across

your forehead and through your hair.  Just lay and enjoy.

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