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"You have not lived a perfect day,
unless you've done something for someone who will never be able to repay you."
-- Ruth Smeltzer

Relaxation Exercises


          Sometimes it takes a lot of practice to learn how to relax, especially if you

are a stressed out student.  You probably don't even realize that the muscles

in your back, neck and shoulders are knotted up all the time. 


          The following are simple exercises that will help you relax.  For some of

these, you’ll want to set aside twenty minutes for a stress vacation, while

others are quick things you can do while driving or before a test.  Work these

into your daily routine and practice, practice, practice.  You’ll soon be feeling

less stressed out.


Head to Toe Inventory


          This exercise is a great thing to do when you have twenty minutes or so,

like before bedtime or when you are taking a study break.  Lay on a bed or

somewhere else that's really comfortable or sit up straight in a comfy chair. 

Put on some nice soothing music (something without vocals is best) or one of

those "nature sounds" CDs or just have it quiet.  (No Metallica or Green Day!) 

If "quiet" in your house or dorm is an impossible thing, get some head



          What you’re going to be doing is working your way through all the major

muscle groups in your body – first,  tightening them, then, letting them

completely relax.

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