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"Lord, grant that I might always desire more than I can accomplish."
-- Michelangelo

          The confidence will come quickly as you conquer this math stuff.  Hey, if

you can learn this, you can learn ANYTHING.  You’ll attack the rest of your

classes and rip “A’s.”  Nothing will scare you anymore (except, maybe,

spiders).  And I’ll bet you that, once you conquer math, a real thirst for

knowledge is going to grow inside you.  You’re going to want to learn more

about everything that interests you and even stuff that you thought would

never interest you.


          The positive attitude and the drive are up to you.  These are things that

have to come from deep inside you!  This is YOUR decision…  All you have to

do is decide to have them and they are yours… forever!  No one can take them

away!  A positive attitude and drive are going to be the two most important

things to get you started.  So, make the decision NOW!


          I know you’re still skeptical at this point, but bear with me and trust me. 

I’ve taken thousands of mathphobes far worse than you and turned them into

savage math animals who can rip through the most treacherous of math tests

with relative ease!



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