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:: Think You Stink at Math?
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"Within us are the seeds of triumph or defeat.  Which seeds will you plant?"
-- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

          And, while I’m on the subject, I once had a math professor pick and

eat a booger right in front of me!  He was telling me about a theorem… dug

around for a little while until he found a good one… inspected it and ate it.  He

didn’t even attempt to conceal the act.  I almost gagged and couldn’t eat for

the rest of the day.  I know this is off topic, but it’s a great story and  I had to

get it in somewhere!  (Hope I didn’t gross you out too badly.)


          Yep, everyone’s got a story about math… and 99% of them are bad. 

Some are even about boogers.  If you’ve got a story, take a minute and write

down what happened and how it made you feel.  Go on…  Get a piece of paper

and start writing...         I'll wait.









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