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"We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life,
when all that we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about."
-- Charles Kingsley

          Then, one summer, I realized that I couldn’t change the students…  I had

to change myself!  I had to shake things up and teach in a completely different

way.  I had to be the one to set the tone for success.  So, I read a bunch of

books on success and how to motivate people.  The next semester, I didn’t

walk into my classes as a math teacher…  I walked in as a motivational

speaker!  I didn’t talk about math the first day…  I talked about SUCCESS! 

From that day on, I also started each one of my classes with a great

motivational quote to get everyone in a positive frame of mind.  (You’ll find my

favorite quotes at the bottom of each page of this book.)


          Things changed.  Boy, did they change!  I changed myself and the

students happily came along for the ride.  My success rate went from that

miserable 35-45% up to 75-80%!!    And the students liked coming to my

classes.  Yes, they actually LIKED coming to MATH classes!  Things were

better for me too.  I was no longer the inflictor of that terrible subject the

students hated.  I got to be the person who helped students be successful,

achieve their goals and work towards making their dreams come true!


          This book contains everything that I’ve told my students over the years

about how to conquer their fears of math, how to build strong study skills and

how to be successful in math and IN LIFE.

I hope you like it!


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