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"If we did all the things we were capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves." 
-- Thomas Edison

          I started life as a normal, happy kid.   Over the course of many years and

many bad experiences, I was mutated into a shaking, twitching and sweating

mathphobe who avoided math at all costs.  Through a wild turn of events, I

ended up loving math and becoming a college math teacher.


          As a teacher, I started out pretty traditionally…  I always worked really

hard and explained things well.     My goal was to have my students succeed,

but something was missing.  Only 35-45% of my students passed.  The rest

either dropped or failed.  Really pathetic… and definitely NOT the way it

should be!  Unfortunately, that’s the average pass rate for most community

college Algebra classes.  But, just because something is “the norm” doesn’t

make it right.  I wanted to do better than that – a lot better!


          I realized that something had to change.  Something had to be different. 

It just wasn’t right that so many students weren’t getting this stuff!  I tried

everything I could think of to change the students – to get them to study

harder, to get them to do their homework, to get them to do something…



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