These puppies are going to pop up on you a lot in Calculus, so let's make sure you remember which is which!

y = -2 

x = 3

If you remember which of these is the vertical guy and which is the horizontal guy, then you're good to go...  But, if you still have to think twice about it, I've got a way to keep them straight.

When I want to graphy = -2, I say,

"y is always -2...
x can be anything!"

Now, I just draw what I said:

Graph of a horizontal line  ...  Remember that the slope of a horizontal line is 0!


When I want to graphx = 3, I say,

"x is always 3...
y can be anything!"

Graph of a vertical line  ...  Remember that the slope of a vertical line is undefined!





Graphx = 4


Graphy = -1



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