So, that was, pretty much, the same thing as we did before.

What about subtracting a negative number?

2 - -5 =

OK, that looks creepy!

Are you shaking?  Are little beads of sweat forming on your upper lip?

My cat just jumped up and ran into the closet.  (That's what he gets for reading over my shoulder.)

No worries though!  This is REALLY easy.

Remember finding the opposite of a number?

The opposite of a negative number is a positive number.

-(-5) = +5

Our problem just doesn't have the ( ) in it.

So, just make the change:

2 - -5 = 2 + 5 = 7

There are lots of other ways that I could explain this to you...  I could even use the car...  But, most of them would make you cry.  (Trust me.)  Let's just keep this simple!

When you see "minus a negative," just change it to "plus a positive!"