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:: I Was a Mathphobe!
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"The only difference between success and failure is the ability to take action."
-- Alexander Graham Bell

          But, do you really know what I learned that semester?  Math wasn’t so

bad after all.  In fact, it was even kind of fun!   It really felt great to be able to

figure out and work through all those problems.  I guess I had really never

given it a fair chance.  Heck, who would have guessed that I could be really

good at it? 


          By the way, that grumpy, chalk covered professor turned out to be a

really nice guy who gave me a lot of extra help and encouragement.  He even

talked me into majoring in math and becoming a college math teacher.   And

that other initially clueless student turned out to be the best study-buddy

anyone could ask for.  She got an “A” that semester and is now a high school

math teacher.


          It just goes to show you… You never know where you’ll end up. 

ANYTHING can happen.  You might even end up LIKING math!   But, don’t

worry…  I’m not going to try to turn you into a math major!  Let’s just get you

through this so you can go on to live a happy life.







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