Inverse Logarithmic Fades:

Here's an example of an inverse logarithmic fade.

af3.gif (11870 bytes)

We can see the effects of the fade in the next picture.

af3a.gif (6127 bytes)

Here are two examples of possible damping factors for this type of fade:


But this type of fade isn't used very often. The software doesn't give the engineer control over the rate of the fade. As you can see, it fades out pretty abruptly!

Linear Fades:

Below are two examples of Autumn Fell being linearly faded at different rates. Notice that the damping factor with the steeper slope fades out a lot faster. Engineers can adjust the slope so that the fade sounds just right. Listen to the difference!

af5.gif (11986 bytes) speaker1.gif (364 bytes)


af4.gif (11547 bytes) speaker1.gif (364 bytes)