What would this guy look like?

f ( x ) = x^4

Grab a graphing calculator to see!

*There's a graphing calculator online at Coolmath if you need one!
You can click on the buttons with your mouse
or you can type it in on your keyboard...

x^4 ... this carrot is for powers

(The carrot is above the 6 on your keyboard.)

When you get it entered in, just hit the  EVAL  button on the calculator and watch it graph!

This is what you should get:

(I'm just going to draw rough sketches from now on.)

Graph of f ( x ) = x^4

It looks a lot like Standard Parabola Guy...  But, it hangs around the x-axis a little longer and the tails shoot up faster -- in the same direction!
Eh, but  f ( x ) = x^4
is boring.  What if we got some wobbles in