OK, now it gets a little weird...  But, don't worry -- you'll get it.

Look at this guy:

7.29 -- seven and twenty-nine hundredths

You'll understand that last part a lot better when I show you how to convert decimals to fractions.

For now, just read the decimal part like a regular number... Then, stick on the "ths" that goes with the last spot.

Check it out:

63.174 -- sixty-three and one hundred seventy-four thousandths

By the way, I should probably tell you now that this is official "math-speak."  Right now, your teacher will read these numbers like this and will want you to do the same...  But, normal humans on the street (and even your future math teachers) will probably read them in a much more casual way.

7.29 = seven point two nine ...   63.174 = sixty-three point one seven four

 If that first guy was money...  He'd be

$7.29 - seven dollars and twenty-nine cents