Now that we know Standard Parabola Guy's graph...  Wait a minute...  I know it...  But do YOU really know it yet?  NO PEEKING!  Let's be sure before we go on.

Graph      y = x^2   

and no "plotting points."  This is a sissy-free zone!
I'll wait.

What's his job? ___________________________________

Remember, this will always help you graph him! 



OK, now that we really do know the basic graph, we're going to learn how to shift him around.

First we'll look at what happens when we have a number added onto the end of a parabola:

y = x^2 + 1
This adds 1 to each of the outputs...
Those are the
y guys!


y = x^2

y = x^2 + 1

graph of y = x^2

graph of y = x^2 + 1


Moves Standard Parabola Guy up 1