There are 3 types of math geeks:

Those who can count
and those who can't.

So, you think you know how to count, do you?  OK... answer these! 
(If you can!)


How many ways can 8 books be arranged on a book shelf?


If you have 20 employees and you need to form a committee of 5, how many ways can you do it?


How many possible ways are there to pick the numbers for the lottery?


How many possible 7 - digit phone numbers are there?

Hmm... Don't know?  I do!  And it's pretty easy.

Amaze your friends and family!
Be the life of every party!

OK, OK!  Calm down!  I know you're very excited about this...  But, before we get into the wild stuff, I need to teach you some basics first.

The first thing I need to tell you about is called The Counting Principle.  This idea is really important and will be used throughout the rest of our counting.