Here's the deal though -- and I'm going to be honest with you...

Most trinomials guys WON'T factor!

Oh, they will in your math class because books and teachers design them that way. But, out in the real world of business and science, they won't.

In your math classes, it will be an OK thing to learn... just because it will save you some time.

Guys with just an x^2in front, like

x^2 - 3x - 10

will be pretty easy to factor (or you'll be able to see quickly that they won't factor.)

Guys with a number in front of the x^2, like

5x^2 - 13x - 6

will be harder.

When you get to solve equations...

5x^2 - 13x - 6 = 0

I'll tell you to give it a 10 second factor attempt. If you can't pop it, there's a formula that will kill it every time.

Life's too short to spend 20 minutes trying to factor something.

Hey, you could get run over by a bus right after... and you would have wasted the last 20 minutes of your life!