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When working with the Cartesian plane (also called the rectangular coordinate system), aquadrant is one of the four different regions on the plane.  They are usually labeled with Roman numerals, starting with I and going counter-clockwise in order.  As you can see on the picture on the right, there are four quadrants on the Cartesian plane.  The quadrants are separated by the x and y axes.

quadrants on the Cartesian plane

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Quadratic Equation
A quadratic equation is of the form

quadratic equation: ax^2+bx+c=0  where ab and c are numbers.  
In this example:
quadratic equation: x^2-6x+4=0   is really   quadratic equation: 1x^2-6x+4=0
where = 1= -6 and = 4

It's the x squared term that makes the equation quadratic.  Without that, it would just be a linear equation.  It is an equation since is it set equal to 0.

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Quadratic Formula
Given a quadratic equation in the form  quadratic equation: ax^2+bx+c=0

The quadratic formula (which I like to call The Quadranator) gives you the values for x.  Here's the formula:

quadratic formula

For example, given the quadratic equation

quadratic equation: x^2-6x+4=0  which is  really  quadratic equation: 1x^2-6x+4=0 
where = 1= -6 and = 4

quadratic formula

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Quadratic Polynomial
A quadratic polynomial is of the form 
                                                               quadratic polynomial: f(x)=ax^2+bx+c
The graph of a quadratic polynomial is the parabola.
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quadrilateral is a four sided polygon.

For more info and properties of quadrilaterals (squaresrectangleskitestrapezoids,rhombi and parallelograms), check out my Geometry and Trig Reference Area.


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In a division problem, the quotient is the answer.   In the problem below, the 2 is the answer.

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